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Eyota is a Women's clothing label that was born out of the Surfcoast town of Torquay in Victoria.

After months and months of research, sampling, hard work and sleepless nights, Eyota was brought to life in April 2015.

Brodie, the creator behind Eyota Clothing always had a love for Bohemian inspired clothing but never liked the price tag that went with them.

A versatile range bringing you a comfortable yet stylish clothing range that has an easy free size. Boasting beautiful colours and hand dyed Batik print that you will feel amazing in.

Our hand dyed Batik Fabrics make each product unique in its own way, as pieces can vary in pattern and colour. 

Clothing you can wear straight from the beach to a night out.


Behind the Name Eyota

Pronounced eye-ota

Eyota is a Native American Name meaning 'Great'

People with this name have a deep inner desire to create and express themselves.